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Вова Азаров

Весёлый и энергичный ведущий!
Мастер веселья для вашего мероприятия, корпоратива и свадьбы. 



На разных языках



Par mani

Обо мне

Привет, друзья! 

С вами Вова Азаров, и я знаю, как превратить ваше мероприятие в незабываемый праздник! 

Ищите ведущего, способного развлечь любую аудиторию, владеющего четырьмя языками, с опытом работы с известными звездами и готового устроить все, чтобы ваше мероприятие прошло максимально комфортно? Тогда вы попали по адресу!


Люблю радовать людей своим юмором, творчеством и профессионализмом. Буду рад сотрудничеству с вами!

Ведущий Вова Азаров Рига


Vova Azarovs Pasākumu vadītājs Rīgā


Частная вечеринка

Готовите незабываемое событие для друзей, семьи или коллег? Я знаю, как сделать ваше мероприятие неповторимым! Предлагаю индивидуальные игры, конкурсы и сюрпризы, чтобы удивить вас и ваших гостей.


Погрузитесь в атмосферу веселья, креатива и профессионального развлечения! 

Продолжительность услуги: 3 часа.

Цена от 350 евро

Проведение свадьбы

Хотите сделать самый счастливый день в вашей жизни еще более волшебным? Я готов помочь вам спланировать и воплотить свои мечты в реальность.

Подготовлю сценарий, музыкальное сопровождение, интерактивные игры, викторины, поздравления и сюрпризы. Создам атмосферу, наполненную романтикой, эмоциями и весельем.


Продолжительность услуги: 5 часов.

Цена от 600 евро.




Хотите укрепить дух своей команды, повысить мотивацию и лояльность сотрудников или просто хорошо провести время с коллегами?

Я готов помочь в организации и проведении корпоративных мероприятий любого формата и масштаба.

Подберу тему, музыку, анимацию, артистов и развлечения для вас и ваших коллег, чтобы сделать ваш корпоратив интересным, полезным и позитивным. 


Продолжительность услуги: 3-5 часов.

Цена от 680 евро + НДС.


Организация мероприятий

Хотите сэкономить время, деньги и нервы? Предоставлю вам профессиональную команду, которая возьмет на себя все аспекты организации вашего мероприятия. Мы найдем для вас лучших декораторов, кейтеринговые компании, талантливых артистов, оборудование, охрану и другие услуги, необходимые для вашего мероприятия.

Доверьте нам - мы сделаем ваше мероприятие качественным, безопасным и комфортным. .


Стоимость услуги зависит от типа, формата и масштаба вашего мероприятия.



Отзывы клиентов

Bartender Pouring Cocktail
  • What events do you run? 🎭
    I host and organize various events: weddings, corporate events, parties, conferences, private parties, opening ceremonies and others. 🤹‍♂️ I will prepare a scenario, music, games, quizzes, interesting activities and surprises for you and your guests. I will make your event romantic, emotional, fun and unforgettable.
  • What languages do you speak and can you host an event in several languages simultaneously?
    I speak four languages: Latvian, Russian, English, French, I can host the event in any of these languages or combine them depending on your wishes and the composition of the guests' nationalities. I can also provide translators for other languages if required.
  • What is your event hosting style? 🎉🌟
    🎤 I am an energetic, cheerful and postive event host! I work in Riga and other citie and countries. I speak four languages: Russian, English, French and Latvian. I like to entertain people with my humor, creativity and exciting activities. I have a lot of work experience and can organize everything you need for your comfort in an event of almost any format. 🎶💃
  • Do you have experience not only in organizing events?
    I am also the host of the informative and entertaining program "Vse Vsegda Vezde", where I shed light on the most interesting events in the city of Riga. I have interviewed many stars - such as Laima Vaikule, Intars Busulis, Alla Pugacheva, Eurovision winners, Ukrainian stars and many others. The program can be viewed on the YouTube channel "Vse Vsegda Vezde". I am the founder and creator of greetings agency - where you can book greeting from mascot characters such as the White Bear, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario and others. I was one of the first to bring the 360 Spinner to Latvia, which you can order on the website.
  • Do you work alone?
    I cooperate with various partners who can provide you with additional services, such as decorators, catering, artists, equipment, security and others. I will help you choose the best suppliers for your event, coordinate all conditions and budget with them.
  • How are you preparing for the event and how much time do you need?
    I'm preparing for each event individually and carefully. I take into account your wishes, event theme, style, format, number of guests and other details. Before the event, I arrive earlier to check the room, equipment, make final arrangements with partners. I usually need two weeks to two months to prepare for an event, depending on its complexity and scale.
  • What discounts and promotions can you offer?
    I can offer various discounts and promotions to my customers, for example: • 10% discount for clients who repeatedly choose to cooperate with me and seek me out by recommendation. • 10% discount for events on weekdays and out of season. • free consultation and scenario for the event.
  • Can you help with finding a venue and finding professional artists for our budget?
    Yes, I have a large database. The most important thing is that it has been tested, and I vouch for my cooperation partners.
  • Will you help us with the event scenario?
    Already after the first meeting, meeting with you and discussing the details of the event: style, format, number of guests and your wishes, I will outline the approximate scenario of the event. Next, in the preparation process, we will "polish" it and adapt it to the time plan. Two weeks before the event, you will receive a full script, which will describe the entire program - all you have to do is wait for your party and not worry about the details.
  • How much does our sevices cost ?
    The cost of hosting the event service depends on the type, format, duration and scale of your intended event. You can get a personalized offer by contacting me on WhatsApp or by filling out the contact form on the website. ✨
  • What is needed to start working with you?
    To do this, contact me or the event organizing agencies and arrange a meeting or video call.
  • We will have mixed young and an older generation. How to make it interesting for everyone?
    My experience and skills will help help me to deal with this situation as well. Both generations will like set of activities and interactive games that i will offer.
  • Will there be breaks for dancing and time fp communication 💃?
    Yes of course. I always include breaks between activities in events. Due to great proffesional track record I trully believe, taht I feel when they are needed.
  • Our guests are not familiar. How will you introduce them?
    My portfolio of tools includes a variety of fun games and contests where people get to know each other in a light and relaxed way. I will be able to offer you several interesting, interactive ways to introduce and unite your guests.
  • Can you offer us interesting games and not use the old standard contests?
    Sure, I will be able to offer new interactive and interesting games, and you can be sure that the guests will remember the event and its relaxed and easy atmosphere for a long time.
  • What are your requirements for customers?
    I don't have any special requirements for clients, except that they must be honest, punctual and respectful. I also ask them to give me all the necessary information about the event, such as date, time, place, number of guests, theme, budget and their preferences. I also ask for a prepayment of 30% of the total amount before the event.
  • Do you run events in other countries?
    Yes, I travel and host events in other countries if it is possible and beneficial for both parties. I have work experience in different countries, such as Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Russia and others. I can easily adapt to different cultures, traditions and laws. However, the price of my services in other countries may be higher than in Riga, depending on the distance, complexity and duration of the event.
  • Your bonuses for choosing me as your event host:
    1) I speak four languages, which allows me to communicate with different audiences and create an intercultural atmosphere. 2) I have worked with celebrities - this is a kind of guarantee that if you choose me, you will receive a high level of service and a event host with a good reputation. 3) I can organize everything necessary for your convenience, from providing transportation and accommodation to taking photos and videos, which will save you time, money and nerves. 4) I love my work and do it with my soul - you will see it through my energy, humor and creativity.

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