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How to choose entertainer for my event and how much will it cost?

Organize event in Baltics

You are planning party, corporate event, presentation or even a wedding and you are thinking about having professional entertainer (host, master of ceremony)? In this article I will explain how to effectively choose right entertainer (host, master of ceremony) for your event and how much will it cost.

However, let’s begin, with a question, why you would be needing and entertainer as such. First of all, entertainer (host, master of ceremony) is going to be responsible for whole your event and will be the main character, while communicating with public (guests), providing emotional connection, mood and atmosphere. When choosing entertainer is very important to understand his/her character and experience as based on that your event is going to be interesting, fun, emotional or moderate and boring.

Bellow I will share my personal professional experience, to help you choosing perfect host (entertainer, master of ceremony) for your event.

You have to understand aim and character of the event you are organizing

Even though it is pretty obvious, I would like to remind that in order to have a successful event in order to choose most suitable entertainer (host, animator, master of ceremony) you should define aim and character of the event.

By character I mean mood and the goal of the event, for example, such an even as the wedding – it may seem that aim and character are easily understandable, however wedding party might be very different. Wedding may be: traditional or liberal, serious or fun, classic or informal. Moreover, aim of the wedding might be: having fun, having good time with friends and guests, special event for parents and relatives, praising of bride and groom.

Pretty same situation is with corporate events – they might have very different aims and characters. Moreover, well defined corporate event aim and character, will help you to choose event entertainer (host, master of ceremony) more effectively, as well as, will help your event having the right atmosphere, mood and achieve desired result.

N.B. Nowadays most demanded are informal, positive, fun events, however sometimes you might have an exception.

Choosing entertainer (host, master of ceremony)

When you have clear aim and character of the event, you can start choosing entertainer (host, master of ceremony). This process is similar to choosing a pet, for example a dog. Choice mostly depends on the aim (why you need a dog?), there might be such having a dog options as: the guardian dog, friendly dog, children loving dog, guide dog.

If the aim is clear, we proceed to its character – friendly, angry, capable of living with small children and/or with other pets. And only after that we should think about physical appearance: big/small, long/short hair and so on…

Let’s say we need a guardian dog, medium high, kids friendly, first that comes to mind, - American Staffordshire terrier, moreover girl.

Same method could be applied choosing entertainer (host, master of ceremony).

Possible entertainer qualities (host, master of ceremony)

  • Formal / Informal

  • Restrained / Liberated

  • Experienced / Inexperienced

  • Old / Young

When choosing entertainer (host, master of ceremony) for you event, it is very important to understand his/her experience – if he/she did same kind of events, as there might be a chance that potential entertainer (host, master of ceremony) was mostly doing conferences, so it’s quite unlikely he/she would do cool wedding party.

As well as you will have to take into consideration languages entertainer (host, master of ceremony) should be able to speak – now, more frequently, are required entertainers (hosts, masters of ceremony) that can speak several languages.

Average entertainer (host, master of ceremony) price

Experienced entertainers (host, masters of ceremony) value their time, so they will be more expensive. Even though, you shouldn’t be cutting costs on event entertainment, however you there is no reason to pay over price without a need by choosing more experienced or well-known entertainer (host, master of ceremony) if your event doesn’t require it.

  • Wedding party average cost for Baltic countries 200 – 600 EUR, if you need experienced entertainer (host, master of ceremony) with recommendations and bilingual/trilingual you would spend around 500 EUR in Baltics, and around 40 000 rubles in Moscow region.

  • Corporate event –> 350 – 700 EUR Baltic region (depends on amount of people and work to be done), whereas in Moscow region it would cost around 40 000 – 150 000 rubles.

  • Presentation and public event –> 250 – 500 EUR (depends on amount of people and work to be done), whereas in Moscow region around 30 000 – 100 000 rubles.

If the event is during the national holidays, Christmas or New Year’s Eve than price usually would be 20 – 50 % higher, for example, experienced entertainer for New Year’s Eve in Baltics would cost 750 – 1100 EUR, whereas in Moscow region it would cost around 80 000 – 200 000 rubles.

Entertainer (host, master of ceremony) Vova Azarov profile

I Vova Azarov (Vladimirs Azarovs) as an entertainer (host, master of ceremony) am positive, energetic communicative person, with a good sense of humor. I like to innovate, try new things, ideas and make people feel relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere.

I mostly enjoy creative events – corporate events, less formal parties and fun events. My most powerful quality – ease of communication and positive atmosphere creation.

I do a lot of weddings, mostly in bilingual form (English, Russian, Latvian, French), as well as I am able to make it more fun, while doing it in a traditional manner.

If you plan to have an event where you need a positive atmosphere, good mood – I’m perfect choice for you, even more if you would like to have unstoppable fun, I’m pleased to introduce my colleague Edgars Toretto with whom we are working in pair, having formed a Radio Duet and performing in English, Russian, Latvian, German and French languages.

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